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The American Dingo/Carolina Dog...Linking us to Prehistory

A Letter To Daddy

I know you don't really want a dog but I want a dog to be my companion. Specifically speaking, a CAROLINA DOG. I know that a dog would affect the whole family but I think there would be more positive effects than negative effects. Originally I asked for a Labrador Retriever but since you said that you didn't want a large dog I'm t4ying to compromise. Ite done a lot of research on the Carolina Dog breed and this is some of the information I've found on various websites:

1. They are noted for the absolute gentleness of their nature. They don't bite the hand that feeds them, the wives or children of the hand that feeds them, or visitors.

2,. Carolina dogs love to swim and will far outlast a lab in the water. They make excellent retrievers for water, and unlike other breeds, do not have the "wet dog" smell. In fact, they have very little smell about them at any time.

3. Carolina dogs make excellent house dogs. They are extremely easy to house train and are noted for their tendency to stay out of the way while in the house. They are naturally mannerly and non-boisterous, They prefer being an inside dog to an outside dog, but can just as easily thrive in an outside environment in hot or cold weather.

4. Carolina dogs are easily trained and show an intense desire to please.

He is a gentle, social dog, and bonds very well with children, enjoying play and activities with them. The Carolina Dog is very clean by nature and is easy to housebreak. He is intelligent and responsive and learns easily and is not destructive. Not aggressive by nature the Carolina Dog will get along with other animals if introduced to them at a young age. The Carolina Dog is quite independent and responds best to a "partnership" relationship. The Carolina Dog could almost pass for a smaller size Dinqo in appearance. Although not requiring a great deal of exercise, the Carolina Dog should have some exercise daily, and activities and toys to keep him occupied. The coat of the Carolina Dog is easy to groom and practically takes care of itself. It will benefit from an occasional brushing. Bathe only when necessary.

See? A Carolina Dog would be perfect for our family and lifestyle. It would be MY companion and it would stay with ME all the time. It would sleep with ME, go to the barn with ME, swim with ME, play with ME, go on walks with ME, and make ME happy. What's so terribly awful about that?


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