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The American Dingo/Carolina Dog...Linking us to Prehistory

More Letters

Hi Jane,

Well it has been two years since I have recieved an American Dingo from you. We named him Dash. Words can't say how much my wife and I have fallen head over heels for our dog. The way you described them in your ads was very accurate. Dash is the most unique animal I have ever owned. His personality is one like a human's along with his mannerisms. He has language of his own ( it consists of hundreds of different barks,wimpers, and moans) which are very entertaining. We have never had an animal that has been so easy to train, teaching tricks can come as easy as an hour. We got an electric fence for him and it took half a day ( it was difficult for me but in the long run has been priceless & positive for us and Dash). We have friends and families with dogs that can't believe the intelligence of Dash or how quick he learns.

Dash has made my house a safer place, warding off strangers and welcoming family and friends with excitement & love (maybe too much excitement). He is so alert ot his surroundings I feel safe leaving my wife at home with him.

People are always asking about him, saying how good looking he is. Dash seems to win the affection of the oddest people. My father-inlaw is not much of an animal lover and we have caught him giving Dash a kiss (it was weird). Our next door neighbor hates us for some unknown reason but has said we have the coolest dog. His physical features are awesome and though you told me he would be smaller, he is at 52lbs. I love his tail and the way it changes with his mood along with his ears which are always moving in different directions. His mohawk that he gets when a stranger is near is so cool.

I am writing this letter to especially thank you and let you know that these dogs you have chosen to breed, domesticate and sell to people like ourselves has changed our lives in ways that have been so positive. So positive that the thought of some day not having this little munchkin in our life is to unbearable or sad to think of. Dash our son and my wife(Lisa) & I(Tom) thank you for that gift. I will attach some pictures, since we have so many. We have more of him than ourselves. I thought it would be nice to let you know we gave Dash a home where he is King.

Tom & Lisa

carolina dog family

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First day

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