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The American Dingo/Carolina Dog...Linking us to Prehistory

Stalking the Ancient Dog 
Research Project

Outline 1.0

1. Complete Research Project Proposal

  • Meet with Deans of College of Science and Mathematics at the University of South Carolina
    • Outline proposal

2. Carolina Dog Association Trip to Kuwait

  • Present "Stalking the Ancient Dog" project to Kuwait officials
  • Lay groundwork for Kuwait participation as beginning point
  • Secure funding

    Possibly gather DNA samples

3.  Setup Pilot Program at Dreher High School

  • Pilot High School will conduct and establish procedures for:
    • Collecting DNA samples
      • Local dog pounds
      • SPCA
      • Individual dog owners
      • In the wild
    • Processing DNA samples
    • Preparing gels
    • Forwarding gels to USC for processing and sequencing
    • Train high schools around the world how to participate by studying dog populations along man's migratory route
      • Via the internet
  • Resources Supplied by High School(s)
    • __________________
  • Opportunities and Benefits to High Schools and Students
    • Learn Forensic Science and Police Crime Lab techniques
    • Learn how to conduct DNA research
    • Learn genetics
    • Learn how to conduct field studies
    • Increased computer and internet skills
    • Expand understanding of history of man and civilization
    • Stimulate curiosity in science, history and math
    • Worldwide exposure for schools

4.  The College of Science and Mathematics at the University of South Carolina's Participation

  • Administer Total Project
    • Hire Research Professor to head project
    • Controls funds (grants)
    • Coordinates and supports high school participation
    • Provides physical space and classroom/lab furnishings for project
    • Scan and sequence gels
    • Analyze and publish results
    • Send data to National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • Benefits to USC
    • Visibility to future college students
    • Support for upcoming Forensic Science Degree program
    • Identify talented high school students to attend USC 
    • Worldwide exposure for University

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