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The American Dingo/Carolina Dog...Linking us to Prehistory


Hi Jane,

Just wanted to check in and let you know how wonderful our life has been since Aussie arrived to us. He is the pride and joy of our lives and is by far the best addition we could ever ask for. Right now, he is six months old and he is about 35 pounds - he will be a very big boy! We have had a great time with him since his arrival in February and are exposing him to as much excitement and new places and people as possible. He is in daycare once a week, puppy school another night a week, and joins us on hikes, long walks, to the ocean, running through fields the rest of the time. Last week he met horses for the first time and he started kissing it's nose!

This was Aussie at 3 months old… he loves watching hockey (which is great for us Canadians!), Ultimate Fighter (I think because his dad likes it so much) and golf… (we think that reminds him of his homeland in Augusta!)


This is how we dressed up for Father's Day… (4mos). We woke Ryan up by Aussie jumping on him dressed up like that… it was a very fun day!

This is a family photo of us when we traveled to Vancouver for the night and of course brought Aussie with us (4 mos). He loved checking out the beaches there, visiting with his godparents and seeing some of the sights, we made sure we took him to Stanley Park!

family photo

And he settled right in to the hotel for the first time… he loved it there

This was Aussie and his dad on Father's Day (5 mos) - he made a tie for his dad of photos of himself!

He also loves posing for photos - this was him at 5 months old - he sits patiently for me and let’s me do whatever I would like!

I can't say enough good things about him… He is so overly friendly with everyone - loves kissing everyone, everything, everybody all of the time. He is attached at my hip - literally - and follows me everywhere… he is beyond perfect and we love him so much. We are flying him back to Ontario with us this summer and our friends and family there are dying to meet him… I bombard them with photos and video all of the time with him

Anyways, I hope you are doing well… everything here is wonderful. We hope one day to make it out there one day maybe so Aussie can see his homeland

Chat soon.

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